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Dog / Hog / Sheep / Goat / Alpaca Scale
from $299
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Portable Load Bars for Cattle
Hogs, Sheep
Load Bars
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Hog/Sheep/Goat scale
with cage
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VS-2000 digital scale
56" x 20 1/4" - 2200 lb capacity
$430 Free shipping

4H small livestock scale kit
for 4H hogs, goats & sheep
free shipping

VS-2200: 59" x 30": $599
2200 lb capacity cattle scale
Free shipping in the continental U.S.
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Large Animal Scale

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floor scale kit

Scale Kits
(build your own scale at a fraction of the price)
$395 free shipping

Hog / Sheep / Goat Scales

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VS-2000 scale with cage
56" x 20 1/4"- 2200lb capacity
$750 free shipping in continental U.S.

Vet Scale

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Legal for trade Hog & Sheep scale
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VS-1000 scale with cage
57" x 20" - 1000 lb capacity

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Hog & Sheep scale with cage
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Legal for trade Hog & Sheep scale
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3,000 lb capacity
Mechanical Beam
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