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PS wash down bench scale
Price: $745

Features & Benefits

Stainless steel  construction.
Large 13" x 11" stainless steel platter
Easy to read 1" high LCD display digits
Easy to clean for food processing or harsh environments
Heavy duty construction
Low profile Easy to load and unload platform only 3.74 inches / 95 mm high
Reads in grams, pounds and pounds with ounces (for example: 50 lb 2 oz)
Built-in rechargeable battery or external power adapter - battery lasts a minimum of 100 hours
Accumulation function Allows you to add together consecutive weights to arrive at a total
Automatic power save Conserves battery power
Low battery indicator / charge status indicator Alerts you to charge the battery, saving downtime
Adjustable stainless steel feet with rubber inserts
Wide angle LCD display Can be seen from a wide viewing range

Model Capacity Platform size Price
PS-3000 6.6 lb x 0.001
3000 g x 0.5 g
13" x 11" $745
PS-6000 13.2 lb x 0.002
6000 g x 1 g
13" x 11" $745
PS-12K 26.4 lb x 0.005
12,000 g x 2 g
13" x 11" $745
PS-30K 66 lb x 0.01
30,000 g x 5 g
13" x 11" $745



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